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Dances with grooves ... Junior Australian Idol contestant Jordan Rodrigues, from Taylors Lakes, is aiming to reaching the final of the Dances with grooves … Junior Australian Idol contestant Jordan Rodrigues, from Taylors Lakes, is aiming to reaching the final of the

By Allon Lee
JUNIOR Australian Idol contestant Jordan Rodrigues could never be accused of being idle.
The 10yearold from Taylors Lakes has breakdanced, rapped and beatboxed his way into the semifinals in Sydney on 29 October.
Jordan will compete against 10 other contestants to decide who performs in the Australian Idol finale at the Sydney Opera House. According to his proud mother Linda, when Jordan found out about the competition for five to 13yearolds he saw an opportunity to showcase his skills.
“Jordan is a confident boy and determined to do things his way,” Mrs Rodrigues said.
“We happily supported him applying for Idol, we weren’t going to let him down.”
Jordan compiled an audition tape of his talents and sent it to Australian Idol.
As one of the 20 Victorian young hopefuls who received a positive response for junior Australian Idol, Jordan performed at the Westfield Shopping Centre at Fountain Gate.
The judges on the day were Australian Idol judge Mark Holden and former Australian Idol contestant Rob Mills.
Two other Victorian contestants will also be in Sydney to compete in the semifinals.
“He wrote a short song that he rapped, did his breakdancing and beatboxing to,” Mrs Rodrigues said.
Jordan knew he was taking a chance rapping but not having had any singing lessons, it was the best approach, his mother said.
His interest in beatboxing was inspired after watching former Australian Idol contestant Joel Turner incorporate the dance routine into his performances.
Michael Jackson had a big effect on Jordan when he was younger.
“Jordan watched Michael Jackson videos over and over again, copying his moves,” Mrs Rodrigues said.
A Year 4 student at Taylors Lakes Primary School, Jordan said he had received a lot of support from the school’s music teacher, Caroline Le Seur.
“She helped me prepare for the audition,” Jordan said.
Ms Le Seur holds beatbox classes for students and even organised a performance at Keilor Downs Shopping Centre.
Recently, Taylors Lakes Primary School held its own Australian Idol competition which Jordan won.
Outside of school Jordan takes dance classes at Simply Dancing Dance Studio in Tullamarine.
His teacher, Michael Farah, is part of a Latin and hiphop dance show called Katumba which performs throughout Victoria.
“Jordan has performed with Katumba at Viva Cabaret, Copacabana in Melbourne and the Frankston Festival,” Mrs Rodrigues said.
Mr Farah told Star that Jordan is a natural born performer.
“When he came to Simply Dancing he had a fair idea of rhythm but what he has really got is confidence,” Mr Farah said.
Confidence in performing and dancing for a 10yearold boy is a rare thing, he said.
“A lot of kids have better moves but he is a great entertainer.
“He is just so free in his moves.
Hiphop and breakdancing is about attitude. He’s definitely got the Xfactor,” Mr Farah said.
Jordan said he isn’t particularly nervous about the upcoming dance off against his competitors in the Australian Idol competition.
“I suppose all kids are the same. He takes it in his stride. I think parents get more stressed,” Mrs Rodrigues said.
Ultimately, Jordan hopes a music producer will recognise his raw talent and include him in dance video.