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A HOPPERS Crossing woman may have to give up on her dream of opening up a cat boarding business in Caroline Springs that could save countless abandoned cats all because of a landlord’s demands.
Ebony Centazzo has been running Cat Napping Suburban Retreat for over a year in Hoppers Crossing, where her business became the first ever cats only boarding kennel in the municipality, and she regularly has clients travel from as far away as St Kilda and all over the western suburbs.
This year she was hoping to expand the business and open a second kennel in Caroline Springs, but this time she wanted to give back to the community.
Teaming up with Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Ms Centazzo had planned to help abandoned cats and kittens find homes.
According to recent figures, almost 1000 stray cats are caught and destroyed every year in Wyndham alone.
But Ms Centazzo’s dream may have to be placed on the backburner after the landlord of the only suitable warehouse in Caroline Springs demanded a $20,000 bond upfront, which they would keep for several years.
She has now laid the future of her dream in the hands of crowd funding website indiegogo, where she is asking for people to donate money to help her pay the bond.
“The only reason I have turned to crowd funding is because it is such a small amount, investors wouldn’t be interested. The $20,000 is to secure the bond on a warehouse, which I find ridiculous,” Ms Centazzo said.
“l feel I am being taken advantage of for being a young female business owner.”
For more information on Ms Centazzo’s campaign visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/unique-cat-hotel