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MANY library users may not be aware that there are hidden treasures in Armidale Dumaresq Library, which they have never discovered.
On your next visit to the library, consider taking some time to explore the sections of the library dedicated to large print and recorded books.
Large print books were initially designed to enhance the reading experience of people with vision impairment.
Subsequently “talking” books were introduced. First available on cassette, then CD, and now also through online technology, “talking” books read by highly skilled narrators are a delight.
Library staff will gladly assist you in accessing them.
Whatever your literary tastes you may well find a large print or recorded book for you.
Is fiction your cup of tea? Are you a fan of the classics? Dickens? Austen? Eliot? Trollope? Woolfe? James? Or do you prefer modern literary fiction? You will find Rushdie, McEwan, Tyler, Brooks, Seth, Banville, Robinson, and Mantel among many others.
Maybe you enjoy genre fiction. Among the large print and “talking” novels you will find crime, romance, westerns, spy, science fiction, fantasy and more.
Perhaps non-fiction is your preference – memoir, biography, travel, history, self-help, health and other subjects are all available.
As always in Armidale shelf space is at a premium.
Large print and recorded books are purchased co-operatively with other libraries in New England.
Like normal print books, large print copies are readily available via an inter-library loan from libraries in New England or from libraries all over Australia.
So, whether you have 20/20 vision or have some level of visual impairment, come to the large print and talking book sections and explore the treasure that you will find there.

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