The walk of their lives

Walking and other forms of regular exercise can reduce your chances of having a stroke.

ALZHEIMER’S Australia and the Heart Foundation have teamed up to highlight how the simple act of walking can help people reduce their risk of death from heart disease and dementia.
Working together, the two charities have produced Step to it – Why walking matters, which highlights the importance of physical activity, particularly walking, for brain and heart health.
The joint initiative of Alzheimer’s Australia and the National Heart Foundation has stressed the need to limit sedentary behaviour and suggested that even low impact, inexpensive activities such as walking can have a noticeable impact on our health.
“Heart disease and dementia are two of the leading causes of death in Australia and share some key common risk factors,” CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia Glenn Rees AM said.
“This resource highlights what we all know – that walking is good for our health. The challenge now is to get Australians moving.
“So many of us use the excuse that we are too busy, but by including walking in our daily routines, we can improve the health of our brains and our hearts.”
Research shows the simple act of walking for 30 minutes a day or more can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as half.
The Heart Foundation Walking program has more than 1300 groups set up across the country that are free to join.
The new brochure Step to it – Why walking matters can be accessed on the Alzheimer’s Australia Your Brain Matters website,, and the Heart Foundation website,

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