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Back to Earth Weaving.

Kadilly Coffee

Having always been fairly particular about a good cup of coffee, Rod Walmsley experimented with growing a few back yard trees.

One thing led to another, and over the next few years he ended up with about 200 coffee trees at the family farm at Sharon.

Learning a lot about growing, processing and evening roasting, Rod started roasting and blending with coffees from around the world – Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

He creates many different flavours and taste profiles to suit all coffee palettes.

Kadilly has three main blends – Cranky Pants, named after a short-tempered cow Rod had on the farm years ago; Rustic Road, where the farm is located; and Tathra, the historical name of the property, back when it was a Santa Gertrudis stud.

Most customers prefer a strong coffee so they’re catered for with Cranky Pants and Tathra, while Rustic Road is more suited to a lighter taste preference.

One Little Farm, Cha Cha Chocolate, Avoca IGA, Artisans 4670, and The Woodgate Friendly Grocer all stock Kadilly beans.

Golly Gumdrops

Peita Parsons started sharing her colourful polymer clay creations at the Shalom Markets.

Golly Gumdrops now has stockists in Brisbane and Hervey Bay and has also branched out for some local special events.

Peita recently bought a property and set up a studio, and is welcoming visits by appointment.

The Golly Gumdrops Facebook and Instagram have attracted a lot of positive attention, particularly from locals, which Peita will be forever grateful for.

She has recently refined her style to incorporate more native flowers, gum nuts and blossoms, and listens to her audience to adapt styles to appeal to a variety of consumers.

Amber Therapy

This Australian manufacturer of natural tick and flea collars hand-makes the product for retail and wholesale Australia-wide and internationally, and recently welcomed a Pet Hospital in Florida, USA, to its suppliers.

Trees bleed resin to protect themselves from infection and parasites. As Baltic amber is tree resin, parasites, the smell naturally deters ticks and fleas as they associate it with getting stuck.

They don’t have noses, but ticks and fleas have haller organs behind their front legs which perceive the smell of tree resin as a threat.

Additionally, friction between the collar and coat of the animal provides an electrostatic barrier.

These collars have also been reported to assist with pain and inflammation in cats and dogs, such as elbow dysplasia and arthritis, skin conditions and anxiety.

Collars have been shown to protect naturally for up to 18 months. If the pet is wearing it just to assist with pain relief, the collar does not need to be replaced.

Available in multi, toffee and cherry colours, strung on abrasion and water-resistant cord, Amber Therapy has 14 adjustable sizes for dogs and four elasticised collars for cats.

The collars are not poison so they will not kill fleas, but give a natural alternative to repelling parasites.

For more information, visit

Back to Earth Weaving

Barbara Smith started weaving about four years ago, looking at garden waste that did not seem to mulch down very well due to its strength and thinking there must be something else it could be used for.

She went to a workshop which fuelled her interest and addiction. She uses old palm flowers, certain flower stems and leaves, banana and garden vines, and make some baskets using a coiling process with old clothing torn into strips.

Barbara finds the entire process, from gathering and drying to weaving, relaxing and very fulfilling, with every end product different and individual.

“It is fantastic to sit with a container of what looks like weeds, get lost in the moment while weaving, and most of the time the materials I use will let you know what shape they will become,” Barbara said.

All inquiries can be made via the Back to Earth Weaving Facebook page or

Food etc.

Rachel Mulvahil has always loved parties.

When she was a child, her mother would let her choose her birthday cake from the old Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book.

Rachel learned that birthdays were something to be celebrated and cherished, an opportunity to blend good food and good company, a way to make lasting memories.

She started FOOD etc. because she knew there were others who loved throwing parties but didn’t have the time or ability to make the food and cake themselves.

She offers a one-stop-shop where people can get their party food catering and cake.

Rachel started FOOD etc. in 2016 with sweet and savoury party platters and cupcakes, and due to customer demand added grazing tables and celebration cakes.

FOOD etc. specialise in buttercream cakes but does offer fondant covered cakes in all flavours for all occasions, and can cater to special requests and dietary requirements.

“The best thing about being a cake decorator is the look on people’s faces when they receive a cake that has been lovingly made just for them,” Rachel said.

Find FOOD etc. on Facebook or visit

Puppy PJs

Skye Dempsey is bringing total cuteness with her fur baby clothing of all sizes.

Animal-lover Skye started making puppy PJs for her chihuahua cross mini foxy Lily eight years ago, as she has an odd shape and Skye couldn’t find anything warm that would fit her.

Skye makes a range of different clothing items for all sizes of fur children, including pyjamas, jackets, winter and summer shirts, nighties, dresses, dress shirts, hats and bandanas.

You can get the whole family involved, with matching PJs or a robe for yourself, your partner and your human kids.

Visit or call 0412 447 211.

Creative Knots

Macramé is making a comeback as a stylish and unique addition to a home and Tamara is making a name for herself through her Bundaberg business Creative Knots.

She started Creative Knots as a side hobby while on maternity leave, with very small and basic ideas, before venturing out and creating her own DIY kits, with all original ideas.

She now runs workshops at HSG at the Gardens Branyan and Creative Knots creates custom macramé pieces that are going Australia-wide and selling at local events.

“When someone is involved in either a workshop or even a purchase, I always appreciate the connection as it is helping me with ‘my journey’ with creative knots,” Tamara said.

Search ‘creativeknots’ on Facebook and Instagram.