Ctrl, Alt, Delete online bullying

Kids should tell everyone you know if people are being mean online.

The internet lets us watch videos, play all kinds of games and find out interesting stuff, but sometimes people can be mean on the internet, just like some people are mean in real life.
It’s important that youngsters understand that they are not alone and they can get help if cyber bullying happens to them.
Here are some helpful tips on what to do when online bullying is identified.
If a young person finds that someone is being mean to them while they are one the internet or mobile phone they should tell someone about it.
They should tell their mum or dad, a teacher, an aunty, an uncle, a grandparent, big brother, sister or a friend.
Keep telling them until they help.
One of the most important things kids must know is not to answer any of the mean comments.
The best thing to do in this situation is save them and show them to a parent or teacher.
They should get a parent or teacher to help them block the messages so the bully can’t make contact more and report them to the game or video host so they get blocked.
Youngsters should not join in if they find someone being mean to another kid.
Even if their comments, pictures or videos are funny and they may appear to be true they are still hurtful so they should not be shared.
Find a teacher or parent and tell them what is happening so they can help.
Anyone who does not feel comfortable in making a direct approach can still write a letter that expresses sorrow that they are being picked on and it can be posted under their door to support them.
Remember, it isn’t your fault if someone is mean online.
Nobody should be bullied so call the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or visit www.kidshelpline.com.au/kids/get-help for more information.

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