Agreement on David House

MARIBYRNONG City councillors agreed last Tuesday to begin negotiations with Annecto to find the “most appropriate and mutually beneficial instrument for the long term occupancy” of the land on which David House in Yarraville stands.
David House, which has offered disability services in the community since 1958, operates under the auspices of Annecto-People Network.
Members of the group approached the council on 12 September at the community access meeting to broach their plan to upgrade David House.
The $3.5 million plan will include tearing down the existing facility and rebuilding it from scratch.
David House is situated in Williamstown Rd, Yarraville, on land that is part owned by David House and part by the council.
Members of David House asked the council to ensure the council-owned section of the site continued to be used in a community service role.
David House outlined in a proposal presented to the council that a long-term arrangement would provide a “level of comfort” for parents and carers of people with a disability as it would imply that the service would continue to support users “beyond their life span”.
The proposal also suggested that council either transfer its land to Annecto or considers a long-term lease of about 50 years, in addition to a “considerable” rent concession.
More than 300 people use the service and new plans for the facility could include making it available to general members of the public.
Annecto’s proposal also stated that the organisation would fund the redevelopment.