Burglar hits the skids

A MAN has been arrested after a police car was rammed and a Braybrook pharmacy was robbed last Thursday night.
Police were on their way to the burglary at the Braybrook pharmacy when they attempted to stop a car travelling on Ballarat Rd towards Sunshine.
A police spokesperson said the driver started to pull over but then rammed the police car in an attempt to get away.
The driver then drove over the median strip and started heading back towards Footscray.
The spokesperson said the vehicle then attempted to do another u-turn and collided with the police car again.
The driver then jumped out of the moving car and ran into a nearby street.
Police later arrested a 28-year-old Melton man.
He was charged with conduct endangering life, burglary, theft and other offences.
Police allege the man made his way into the pharmacy by smashing a side window before stealing a large box of perfume.