ARTIST Van Thanh Rudd has released his frustration with politics on canvas with the creation of “Genocide – the Australian Scream”.
The artwork depicts a malignant cloud containing the heads of USPresidnet George Bush and Prime Minister John Howard, in addition to flags representing nations under attack by neo-Liberalism, Mr Rudd said.
The cloud emerges from the centre of an affluent suburban lounge and the Australian flag burns at the top of the cloud.
“The title of the painting is meant to be a direct play on the Australian dream,” Mr Rudd said.
The 33-year-old Footscray artist said the Australian Dream of a house and happy family was being undermined by Mr Howard’s policies, particularly the new industrial relations laws and support for the war in Iraq.
“There is now a silent scream that is not heard by the rest of us but it is felt by many in Australia and overseas.
“Across the board there is pain and anxiety that results from the growing class war.
“There’s a loss of faith in the political system.”
Mr Rudd said that many people of his generation were frustrated with politics but did not know how to express their feelings.
He said “Genocide – the Australian Scream” showed people they were not alone in their frustration and that they could find support among their peers.
Mr Rudd displays his work by carrying them in public areas.
He last displayed the painting during the Commonwealth Games at Federation Square until he was asked by security guards to move on.