Roo skips arrest

A LARGE grey kangaroo gave Footscray Police officers the slip after joining early-morning commuters in Braybrook last week.
The police were called after the elusive kangaroo was spotted by residents bounding up Marnoo St, near South Rd at 6.30am last Thursday.
Commuters were left questioning their eye sight when the almost two-metre-tall kangaroo cut through residential streets.
“We’re used to seeing foxes, lizards and snakes, but I don’t know how he got there,” Cornwall Rd resident Brian Carroll said.
He said the kangaroo would have travelled quite a distance through residential areas to be seen about four kilometres from the nearest large water source, the Maribyrnong River.
“He was moving quickly, I just hope he didn’t get injured,” he said.
A police unit was sent out to try to find the kangaroo and prevent any accidents, but it eluded the officers.

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