Very best in aged care

Facility manager Wendy Burness with Managing Director Gary Barnier and MC Larry Emdur on the night. 118890 Picture: SUPPLIED


STAFF at Principal Hobson’s Bay have always known that their commitment to their clients is second to none – and now they can prove it.
The Altona North aged care facility was recently named the winner of this year’s Domain Principal Group’s National Home of the Year.
The award is based on the home’s work in improving the quality of life for residents and staff.
Manager Wendy Benness said staff members were delighted after winning the coveted award, which was open to 55 homes across the country.
“It is, however, not just our staff who are the winners – the real winners are our residents who continually benefit from the range of innovative and caring programs which are incorporated at the homes,” Ms Benness said.
“Having fun and laughter is central to the home, and staff have not only developed an excellent program of activities to keep everyone engaged, but have had some positive spin-offs such as lowering staff turnover, creating a more enjoyable work environment and no time lost due to any injuries.”
The award is given to the home that best demonstrates the quality of its care, its financial sustainability, excellence in people management and community involvement.
“We’re a strong team at Principal Hobsons Bay and we all work towards our goals of resident care and making a difference in people’s lives. We are very proud to take this award home with us.”