Shorter wait for housing


VICTORIAN public housing waiting lists have seen a reduction, according to figures released by Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell last Thursday.
The March 2014 quarter showed a 15 per cent or 6185 decrease under the Coalition Government.
In the March quarter, there were 35,027 statewide on the public housing wait list.
Ms Lovell said the early waiting list – those with an urgent need for housing support – had fallen to 9858, 169 less than December 2013 quarter.
“I’m pleased to see that the early waiting list has dropped, and that we are housing more people who are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness,” Ms Lovell said.
“Statewide, the public housing waiting list has fallen for 10 of the 14 quarters since the Victorian Coalition Government was elected in November 2010.”
“The main reason for the overall drop in public housing waiting lists is better management and a sheer dedication to improving the system.
“There is still work to be done to get the waiting list down, but by reviewing vacancy rates, turnover procedures and by working harder with those who have been waiting the longest, we are seeing results.”
She said the Government was also making people more aware of the options that were available to them with regard to community housing, bond loans for the private rental market, and other forms of assistance.