We can’t stick our heads in the sand

I received Senator John Williams’ newsletter distributed via Australia post. He disagrees with Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, a view also expressed by Tony Abbot and his supporters. Climate Change is the biggest challenge the world will face this century.
We can take action now, or guarantee that we will leave devastation and possible starvation for our children and grandchildren. At least 20 countries in the world are taking real action on this urgent issue,, led by small nations such as Maldives and Bhutan. Japan and Norway are reducing emissions, and Papua New Guinea is ahead of Australia on climate action. We can’t stick our heads in the sand any longer.
What action would John Williams and Tony Abbott take? I suspect an Emission Trading Scheme, where the big polluters are given free carbon credits, and small businesses must buy their carbon credits. Australia will be no further ahead, and it’s business as usual for the big polluters. Australians can then sit back, deluded, and believe that the problem is fixed.

Pat Schultz,