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Reports of gunfire from stolen car
POLICE have urged the public to steer clear of a stolen car sighted in the Pakenham area, following reports of gunfire from the car. The black 2012 VW... Read More »
Cars burgled with ease
A CLYDE North woman almost caught a couple of burglars in the act when the sound of two cars being stolen from her property woke her past midnight. Ab... Read More »
Have you seen Angela?
Missing St Albans woman Angela Cima was last seen in Dandenong on Wednesday 17 August. The 34-year-old had been in phone contact with friends and fami... Read More »
Owner watches as family cars stolen
A RESIDENT was woken by the sound of her household’s two cars being stolen from her Ryndhurst Street home in Clyde North early on 21 September. The ... Read More »
Hard core crooks
Minister says young criminals don’t care… Police Minister Lisa Neville has revealed “some of the biggest money we’ve seen” will be poured in... Read More »
Officer targetted
RAIDERS armed with bricks and rocks smashed into a number of Officer homes not long before a woman discovered two men inside her property while she wa... Read More »