‘World class’ rail link

THE Western suburbs will soon have a rail system that will rival many throughout the world, according to the man behind the $3.2 billion Regional Rail Link.
Regional Rail Link Authority CEO Corey Hannett was the guest speaker at a Committee for Wyndham meeting last week. During his speech he spoke about the reasons behind the RRL, its current status and answered questions from the audience.
Mr Hannett said that the new rail system being built would give commuters from Brimbank, Maribyrnong and Wyndham a much better experience.
“When you’ve got existing tracks (like in Melbourne’s East) the signal systems that operate those train lines are old,” Mr Hannett said. “So when you try to thread more trains through it you cause hassles and the system breaks down from time to time. We’re building a whole new system here, so we’re going to have one of the best systems in the world.”
Mr Hannett said the project was on track and assured the audience that communities were being taken into consideration.
“We’re on track for where we said we were before Christmas for sure. I’m really pleased by where we are today,” he said. “We have got a long way to go, we’re just getting started.
“We need to make sure the contractors do behave and work closely with the community. And when I say behave I mean consider that we don’t come in here and just bulldoze everything, so we’ll keep a close eye on that.”

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