Firefighter flats fall

By Belinda Nolan
AN HISTORIC firefighters’ haunt is set to be transformed into a funeral chapel, if a new plan is approved by Brimbank Council.
The council has received a planning permit application to modify the heritage firefighter flats in Sunshine’s Hampshire Road and will make a determination within the next two months.
Built in 1927, the flats are located next to the historic former Sunshine Fire Station and were built as living quarters for the firemen.
The fire station itself is currently used as a Tobin Brothers funeral home, preserving the original fire doors and façade.
The new proposal would see the flats transformed into a new offices and refreshment area, which would also be used as an alternative venue for funeral services.
Tobin Brothers Managing Director Martin Tobin told Star the plan would preserve, rather than destroy the site’s heritage.
“We’ve already been occupying the fire station since 1994 and we have preserved its architectural significance, including the original fire doors,” Mr Tobin said.
“We’ve been embraced by the Sunshine community for more than 20 years and we don’t foresee any problems with this proposal either.”
Mr Tobin said the flats’ historical significance would be preserved and the original façade would remain.
“I can’t see that there will be any concerns about what we’re trying to do,” he said.
“If anything, people should be happy because right now it’s dilapidated and we would be bringing it up to standard and actually preserving it.”
The application can be viewed at the council’s Keilor offices during business hours.

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